Sony Honami VS Nokia Lumia 1020, which is best in camera quality

Both Nokia and Sony to impress the consumers are now focusing on the development of their device’s camera. Nokia Lumia 1020 and Sony Honami will be fighting with each other in the market with their exception camera sensor.

Nokia Lumia 1020:
Nokia is trying its best to reach the same pinnacle of its glory days. With the introduction of 41 megapixel camera Nokia Lumia 1020, it brings a very nice chance to bring down Sony Honami to its knee. The Nokia Company for the first time through the Lumia 1020 is the first windows phone to put the camera above all other features. It is anticipated that Nokia Lumia 1020 will offer 41 megapixel cameras with a resolution of 7152 x 5368 p, auto focus and a Xenon flash.  With 41 megapixels one will never miss the opportunity to have a beautiful shot. Some more features of the camera include optical zoom, face detection, digital zoom, image stabilization, ISO control, ND filter and geo-tagging.
Sony Honami VS Nokia Lumia 1020, which is best in camera quality
Sony Honami:
On the other hand Sony will be giving a stiff competition to Nokia. There is a lot of say that Sony will be unveiling the Honami as the Xperia i1. This time the manufacturing department has paid a lot of attention to the camera of the handset. It is expected the handset will have 20 megapixel rear camera. Though the phone is to be released by 4th September but there are many leaked photos of it already which confirms that it will have a 20 MP camera. With the release of this phone Sony is hoping to gain complete domination in the camera arena of the smart phones. Another feature which is associated with this Smartphone is that it will facilitate live video streaming to Facebook. The Info-Eye feature of it will enable the user to have a look of their surrounding by using the camera of the device.

Other features:

  • Lumia 1020 is available in white, black and yellow. The coating finish of the phone makes it a finger resistant one. The camera sensor size is 1/1.5’’ and the aperture size is F2.2. The camcorder screen size is 1920 x 1080 p HD. It features auto focus, video light and video calling. Unlike Sony Honami Lumia 1020 has a front facing camera of 1.2 megapixels. The phone offers 32 GB internal memory, AMOLFED panel and 1280 x 768 resolutions.
  • Sony Homani will run on a 2.2 GHz quad core 800 processor and will have a 5 inch full HD 1080 display. Other feature of the handset which is reported includes 2 MP front cameras, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. The phone is both water and dust proof.

Both Nokia and Sony have not yet released officially the two camera device but it is scheduled to launch by July 2013 officially. The competition would be very tough. Let’s see in the coming future which phone will dominate and win the race of having better camera quality. It will be a battle of smart phones for Nokia and Sony.
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