Insights about Google Glasses-Know It Completely

Google Glass is developed by the Google in the Project Glass research and development. This is a wearable glass to view the computer display. It has a head-mounted display which helps to increase the clarity and visibility. The motto behind developing this product is to produce a mass market ubiquitous computer.

How It Works
The technology behind the creation of this product is that the glass can interact with the Computer & Internet via the natural voice commands, enabling the user to have an experience that is similar to a smartphone. Here the user need not use the hands for entering any of the commands, thus enjoying a hands-free effect. This is similar to the technology adopted in driver-less cars.
       The frames of these glasses have lens fit to them and Google is exploring at establishing partnerships with sunglasses brands like Ray-Ban, Warby Parker. The hardware involved here are Camera, Computer and Touchpad. Technical specifications need to be more relevant to the user and the advantage is these can be customized.
User Experiences-Good & Bad!!
The users feel that these help in a great way to reduce the work that involves manual operations. Also, another advantage is that the user can convey the requisites through voice which can portray his thoughts exactly.
        The next great advantage is that such devices help in improving multi-tasking capabilities of the individual. He can reduce the time spent on using complicated applications.When it comes to the disadvantages, the privacy is the main area of concern. Many users have revealed that there is no etiquette and ethics that is being followed. Recording the interactions by the user is the main issue that is being faced by the user. So the user needs to avoid using such devices in the public.
        Another disadvantage is that the users face safety concerns when he uses these glasses during travel. While using these devices, the motorists tend to lose their control and also the visibility gets distracted. This leads to many accidents which becomes a public hazard.
        To avoid this, the government has imposed a law to avoid the Google glasses for texting purposes while on roads. Also using these glasses when in public needs a lot of caution to avoid potential distractions that could be caused in the field of vision as well the concentration levels of the user.
        The user needs to get these glasses supplemented with right prescriptions. If this is not ensured, he might even have the risk of losing the vision. A user says "My left eye is the dominant one for my vision, but most users wear these glasses on the right eye". This is yet another potential issue. As said earlier, wearing the glasses that can suit your eye is vital.
        Ultimately, any technology needs to be used in the right way that doesn't harm your data integrity and also helps in your self-improvement. If it is not used in the right way, it becomes a concern finally.

So, Use Google Glasses in the right way at the right place to enjoy all its benefits.

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