Upcoming OS's for smartphones in 2013

Android and ios are no longer the only OS for smartphones. 2013 is going to be the year of Android alternative where people will come up with fresh new mobile OS’s. The new OS’s will be heavily competing in a market dominated by the advanced versions of the existing OS. These OS are designed to bring the power of web to the mobile platform. As there is a great deal of innovation in mobile technology, these new OS’s are sure to support apps from other operating systems as well. They also reduce the expenses of running a developer community as well as an app store. Since HTML5 apps can run on these systems they eliminate the need for a browser and therefore result in cheaper smartphones. Moreover, users all over the globe will have access to a greater web than ever before. Here are the most anticipated new smartphone OS’s in 2013.

The Chinese popular smartphone manufacturer ZTE in collaboration with an European company have planned to release a smartphone working on Mozilla’s Firefox OS somewhere in 2013. Mozilla Firefox is expected to acquire 1% of the total market share by the end of the year 2013.
If you’re a web developer interested in new smartphone technologies, now is the time to choose Firefox OS. It makes you easy to create an app based on HTML that has access to all of the applications on your smartphone. You can perform the same phone things as you do with other OS such as creating alerts by vibrating the phone, playing games, creating an app and taking a picture with your mobile camera, etc.

Blackberry 10
Research in motion has planned to release its most awaited BlackBerry 10 OS on January 30, 2013. BlackBerry includes advanced features such as BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Keybaord and BlackBerryBalance. Blackberry hub is the place where you can view all your messages, notifications, news feeds and also all your calendar events. It is also very easy to access the Hub. Just a simple gesture is all that is required. With BlackBerry Flow, you can see all the currently running apps through the minimized windows of your screen. The new BlackBerry keyboard grabs your writing style and adapts to your typing habits. Blackberry 10 is likely to add video chat option to its already existing BlackBerry Messenger service.

Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu OS will be showcasing it at the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year. Ubuntu is elegantly designed to make all your smartphone apps easier to access. You can quickly switch over between apps, setting and content. Ubuntu also offers multitasking where you can simultaneously open many apps. You can hide or reveal the apps instantly thus having a fast, uncluttered experience on your smartphone. Just tell your smartphone what you want and Ubuntu does the job. For instance, you are searching for music, Ubuntu browses the web including Ubuntu One Music Store and brings the music at your finger tips. It quickly informs you about your emails, texts, calls and social media. The gallery lets you to easily organize, find and share your photos. Overall everything is elegant, crisp and neatly organized.

Electronics leading manufacturer Samsung will be launching “Tizen OS based smartphone this year. Samsung in collaboration with Docomo has planned to develop a system that would hit the smartphone market. Samsung decided to launch Tizen due to the fact that the company held the largest share with 31.3 % in the global smartphone market and continues to hit leaving its competitors behind. With HTML5’s robust and flexible environment, Tizen is rapidly becoming the preferred platform for mobile apps and services.

As promised earlier, Finnish company Jolla has showcased a new mobile OS Sailfish on the company’s website. Sailfish’s slick new user interface has incorporated some of the best features of Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry 10 to bring out good results. With its open source Sailfish mobile OS, Jolla is sure to replace Android everywhere.

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