How to Root and UnRoot Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 is a low ended smart phone All though it is an entry level phone it is loaded with some really good features and specification and running Android 2.3 Gingerbread above all it comes at an affordable price.So to get most out of this phone we can Root this phone to gain super users right or can say gain root access on this device. With a rooted Samsung Galaxy Pocket, you will be able to install  applications that require root access, install custom ROM’s, custom packs and can even overclock your smartphone but you void manufacturer warranty. So before proceeding on how to Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 let me remind you that Rooting an android device has some advantages and some disadvantages so go through it.
Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300
Use this instruction only with Samsung Galaxy Pocket model S5300. Rooting will void your device warranty. use at your own risk we will not be held responsible for whatever happens to your device . The purpose of instruction provided here is only for information and education.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 running on gingerbread.
Root File:

Rooting Instructions:
  • First of all you will have to Download "" file from the link provided above in the Requirement Section of this post and place in the root directory of the SD Card after placing the " file in the root directory of Sd Card turn your phone OFF. 
  • Now you will have to reboot your phone in Recovery mode to enter recovery mode press and hold volume up + home + power button together on entering recovery mode touch screen will become function less so use volume up and down key to move up and down, home key for making selection and power button for back. 
  • Now select the option saying update from sd card and navigate to the location where you placed the ROM file " " and select it. 
  • It will take few minutes to complete the process when it is completed reboot your phone. 
  • In the apps drawer you will find a new app called Superuser it means that your phone has been rooted.
For unrooting Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 download and follow the steps provided above.

Congratulation! Now you have learned how to Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 and you have achieved superusers right on your phone.
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