TechnoDUOS V 1.5 Latest Stable Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy y duos GT-S6102 Released

As in my previous post i have already provided an instructional guide on how to install Custom Rom TechnoDUOS 1.0 on Samsung Galaxy y duos GT-S6102. So now a latest stable updated version of TechnoDUOS custom Rom for Samsung galaxy y Duos has been Released by the Developer of TechnoDUOS Rom the Latest Stable version of this Custom Rom is TechnoDUOS V 1.5. For rooting galaxy y duos GT-S6102 an instructional guide is here. This time we will provide you with an instructional guide on how to install custom ROM TechnoDUOS v1.5 on galaxy y duos .This ROM is developed by Recognized Contributor of XDA Millan.SIS so don't forget to thanks for his hard work. It is a nice looking ROM with good features. According to the developer of this Rom the Next stable version of this Rom will be TechnoDUOS 2.0 ICS but all the pre-releases prior to version 2.0 ICS will only be available HERE So if you are interested then can help him in development of TechnoDUOS 2.0 ICS by Testing, Logcat & screenshots providing. So before proceeding lets take look on few screenshots of Samsung galaxy y duos running on Latest Stable custom ROM known as TechnoDUOS 1.5.

TechnoDUOS V 1.5 Latest Stable Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy y duos GT-S6102 Released
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This custom Rom TechnoDUOS v1.5 is only for samsung galaxy y duos model GT-S6102 and is not meant for any other device. Use it at your own Risk we will not be held responsible for what ever happens to your device. The information provided here is only for instructional and educational purpose.
Features Included:
  • 14 notification panel toggles
  • Multi csc basband free
  • Multilingual Support
  • Beats audio
  • Better sms/mms without limitations
  • Bloatwares and some apps removed
  • BDSky user interface
  • worldwide Gps Navigation Support
  • Inbuilt adblocker
  • Latest Darktremor a2sd(Defult: Disabled
  •  BDSky musec player
  • Dual Sim Dual Active
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Zip-aligned
  • Fully Featured Busybox
  • Pre Rooted
  • Custom boot Animation support
  • Bash command shell
  • init.d support
  • Full Bravia Engine port
  • Cynogenmod Dsp manager
  • Highly reduced boot up time
Maximum Performance boost
  • Battery life optimization
  • 3G, GPRS,WIFI Optimization
  • Touch sensitivity boost
  • RAM Optimization
  • Internal memory Optimization
  • Automatic Rubbish cleaner
  • Multi Tasking Boost
  • Apps performance boost
  • SDCard Speed Boost
BDSky Kernel:
Stable BDSky S1525
  • Optimized Zimage
  • init.d startup Execution
  • Insecure
  • Process Tweak

  • A samsung galaxy y duos GT-S6102.

Installation instructions:

ROM Installation
  • First of all backup your System and charge battery full
  • Then Place the downloaded file in root directory of SD card and not inside any folder and turn your phone off.
  • Now your phone must be booted in stock recovery mode to boot in recovery mode press and hold Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button together. when your phone enters recovery mode touch screen will become function less so you will have to take help of keys use Volume Up and Volume Down key to move Up and Down and Home Button for making Selection and Power Button used to go Back.
  • First of all do Wipe data/factory resetand then Wipe cache partition
  • when Wiping Data and Cache is over you have to select "Select ZIP from SDCard" from the option and navigate to root directory and select the custom ROM TechnoDUOS v1.5 which is " " and the process will begin let the process complete. 
  • When the patching is completed Reboot your Phone by selecting "Reboot System Now". 
  • First boot may take a bit longer time the normal so keep passions.
KERNEL Installation
  • Now Copy both and boot.img(kernel) to the root of your sdcard.
  • Boot into Recovery using 3 button combo
  • Apply update from sdcard
  • Select
  • Select update zip from sdcard
  • Select
  • And select Reboot now 
Congratulation! now you have installed latest stable custom Rom TechnoDUOS v 1.5 and kernel on your galaxy y duos GT-S6102 If you have noticed any bug then you can post this thread page and provide details so that developer may fix it when he lunches new update.


  1. rom link is expired
    give me another link

  2. Thanks lot. This one works great then other version in TechnoDous 1.5

  3. Thank you so much. It works like gem

  4. i was doing something wrong,i repeated the process and its working now thx alot

  5. does we need a d rooted phone to install this OS???

    1. yes if you want to install custom Rom on an android phone it must be rooted first

  6. Thanks alot boss .....It works great, i get my duos back.NICE JOB.SUPERB.

  7. i tryed also 1.6 beta and far so good.....i still have to force my phone beyond his limit :)