How to remove Jailbreak on iPhone. iPod touch or iPad

As we have already written instructional guides related to Tethered and Untethered jailbreak on many iOS runing devices so this time i have thought it will be better to post an instructional guide on how to remove jailbreak or restore your i-devices back to factory settings on your iPhone. iPod touch or iPad. Why does it become necessary to restore back your jailbroken iDevices. Suppose you jailbreak your iPhone. iPad or iPod touch and the device become unstable and apps began to crash so now the only option you have is to restore your iPhone. iPad or iPod touch back to factory setting by remove jailbreak. So now you will have to follow the instructions below to unjailbreak or restore back your device to factory setting.

Requirements for removing Jailbreak:

  • A jailbroken iPhone or iPad or iPod touch running on iOS.
  • A computer Running Windows or mac loaded With required Driver for your Device and latest version of iTunes installed on your PC or Mac.

Steps to remove the jailbreak on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad 
  • Now on pc or Mac open iTunes.

  • Connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad via  USB cable to your PC or MAC.
  • Now when your device get connected you are promoted for automatic backup you can either cancel the automatic backup or let it complete.
  • After that click on your Device in the left column of iTunes as shown in the image below.

  • Now from the summary tab of your device click on Restore button, If you have cancelled automatic backup in previous step then back up your device now.
  • After the restoring process will start and your device will be restored back to factory setting and the jailbreak will be removed.
  • After your device get restored you can re install the backup that you created.

That's all .....

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