Disadvantages of Rooting an android Devices

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting an android Devices?
   As i have already described what is Rooting and what are advantages of rooting android Devices in my previous post so now lets take a look on the negative side of rooting an android Devices. As i have already told that by rooting your device you void manufacturer's warranty and a chance to brick your device and if your device gets brick attempting to root then you will have to purchase a new one because you have already void warranty.

  Bricking  your device means damaging your phone software so badly that your phone can no longer function properly or fully function less.
Disadvantages of Rooting an android Devices

 Rooting your device increases risk of installing malicious software's because there is no way to find what the application intends to do with that Superuser power. so if you have rooted your device it is important have antivirus to keep safe your devices could be a potential risk in the future. I’d recommend installing an Anti-Virus and Security App just to Android device.
 Last but not least always take care before installing unknown applications and read user's review 

Next we will cover how to Root , Unroot , Custom Rom's, etc on this blog

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