Advantages of Rooting an Android Devices

What are the Advantages of Rooting android Devices?
     As i have already described what is Rooting in my previous post so now lets take a look on the positive side of rooting an android Devices. As i have already told that by rooting you can achieve superuser right on your devices so now what can you do if you have super user right on your device there are lots of things i have tried my best to provide here some of them.
Install Custom Firmware (ROM's) on your rooted devices
  Custom Rom's are the modified version of firmware that are not officially lunched but are developed  by developers and lunched unofficially for use on a particular device to run your device. As the firmware of the device resides in Read only memory of the device so to install custom ROM it is necessary to root device. why it is necessary to install custom Rom say you have an android device running on older version of Android OS and the manufacturer of your device has stop providing official update so with the help of Custom ROM we can install latest version of Available Android OS on your Devices and get updated with new features. There are lots of Custom Rom available of different devices it is now up to you which suits best for your devices. The best place to get Custom Rom is Xda forum or just Google.

Advantages of Rooting an Android Devices
Custom Themes
 Rooting your device allows you the ability to fully customize look and feel of your device by installing custom theme on your device.

Kernel, speed, and battery:
Kernel is a layer of codes that handles communication between hardware and software many developers tweak the kernel to achieve better performance, battery life and etc so to install this type of things and apps that may increase performance allow gaming on low ended devices or running hd video on Qvga devices increasing speed of your processor etc  requires root.

Update your phone with latest version of OS
Custom rom's are released by developers Say a new version has been lunched but not available for your device officially till now but has been released unofficially by developers then you can enjoy it before it is released.

Backing up your device
    One of the most important features that most of the stock build version of devices lack is ability to back up your Data and app.but if your device is rooted it relay become simple to backup your data and app with help of apps like Titanium Backup, Astro etc but all of them require root.

Playing games:
 Now a days many low ended devices are lunched which lack true gpu but if your devices is rooted you can still play some hd games which are not officialy supported by low ended devices with the help of software like Chainfire 3D but it requires root.

There are much more here i have listed some common advantages of having rooted Android Devices

Disadvantages of Rooting an android Devices

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